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The Aliyah Book Series...

The Aliyah book series is the ultimate symbol of the butterfly manifesting itself to the world. Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear and the accompanying companion Positive Perspectives Activity Book for children

were written to honor the life of my 10-month-old angel baby, 

Aliyah Danyell Bing.

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About the children's book

Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear!

Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear is an opportunity for young readers (ages 3-12) to go on a journey with five-year-old Aliyah, as her beautiful spirit is tested by the loss of her best friend Bearry.

This book will help young readers to identify the natural emotions associated with the stages of grief, and gives strategies to manage these very strong emotions.

The themes addressed within the book are:

  • Community: Aliyah knows her "go-to" people (her village)

  • Responsible Decision-Making: Aliyah learned to process her emotions with support

  • Problem-Solving: Aliyah retraced her steps to refocus her mind and reframe her thoughts

  • Resiliency: Aliyah learned to let go in her own time

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About the activity book

The Positive Perspectives
Activity Book for Children.

Can be used as a stand-alone journal.

The emotional state of children is especially important. Young people process their emotions in bite-sized chunks. The simple activities and journal prompt in the Positive Perspectives Activity Book were designed with the following goals in mind:


  • Name It: Help to identify feelings

  • Explain It: Talk, write or draw about it from their point of view

  • Reframe It: Gain a positive perspective in the process

  • Bonus: Words of Affirmation to live by!


  • Gives you a starting point when talking to your child about their emotions.

  • The question stems and prompts to help your child to dig a little deeper into their feelings.

  • Helps you and your child on your personal journey towards healing and wholeness.


  • Prompts are directly aligned to the CASEL 5 Social Emotional Learning Competencies.

  • Will complement your Diversity, Equity, and Cultural Competence curriculum.

  • Give Solution Focused Miracle Questions for students to answer to help process their emotions.

Available on Amazon, Cover to Cover Book Store, and Zip Printing.
For orders of 50 or more, email Seneca at for more information.
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