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Finding The Light Within is a beautiful journal written to take you on a self-care journey of healing and wholeness. As you continue in this life, your inner light will be dimmed due to a loss. 
Loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of hope.
Through the journaling process, you will discover some of the beautiful benefits of self-reflection and exploration of your true feelings. You will unpack the meaning of some of the following questions that are often puzzle pieces of grief:
* Why did this happen?
*How do I live with this pain?
*How do I make sense of my new reality?
*How do I control my anger? 

Finding The Light WithinFrC (1).jpg
The six-step "Aliyah" approach to healing will guide your work through this transformational self-love journey:
A- Allow yourself time to process your loss.
L-Listen to your feelings. They are important.
I- Invite positive thoughts. Show gratitude for the little things.
Y- Your words matter.
A- Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.
H- Healing comes through finding HOPE (Honoring Our Purposeful Efforts) in our unique stories. 
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