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Each book is dedicated to my Angel Baby

Aliyah Danyell Bing

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Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear!
Children's Book

Aliyah Danyell loves her favorite teddy bear Bearry and can’t imagine life without her. What happens on the day that she losses her favorite friend? Join five-year-old Aliyah as she goes on a journey of emotions while trying to find Bearry. Pay close attention to how and when she shows different emotions such as Anger, Blame, Sadness, and eventually Acceptance. This book goes beyond speaking to children and helps caring adults who experience the natural emotions of grief when losing something that they love. Follow along to find out if Aliyah finds her missing teddy bear…  


In this book your reader will:

·       Learn new strategies to deal with anger in a healthy way.

·       Learn to identify those who care and will support them when sad.

·       Learn the importance of retracing their steps to refocus their mind.

·       Learn Aliyah’s Positive Perspectives Principles & Affirmations.

The Positive Perspectives Activity Book

The emotional well-being of children is very important. We know that they process their emotions in bite-sized chunks. The simple solution-focused activities and journal prompt in the Positive Perspectives Activity Book, were intentionally designed to support educators with their social-emotional learning curriculum, and to give caring adults strategies to help children in their care to:


  • Practice the “Aliyah” Positive Perspective Principles

  • Build resilience.

  • Identify their feelings. 

  • Talk, write, and draw about their feelings.

  • Reframe negative thoughts.

  • Learn breathing techniques to calm down.

  • Learn a problem-solving strategy to use when upset.

  • Identify caring adults who will help them.

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Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear!
Coloring Book

Hi, I’m Aliyah and am very glad that you are here.

This book is made to help you to have lots of fun coloring, and to share with you the story of how I lost my best friend Bearry. 


There will be times when we will lose someone or something that we really love. Learning how to make good choices when this happens is very important.


As you color, practice reading the sentence on the page with a grown-up. After you read the sentence, think really hard about these three questions:


  1. What happened in your own words?

  2. Can you name the EMOTION that Aliyah is showing? Examples of EMOTIONS are Happy, Sad, Mad, and many others. 

  3. What would you do if you were in the book? How can you help Aliyah with this issue?


Have fun coloring!

Finding the Light Within

Finding The Light Within is a beautiful journal written to take you on a self-care journey of healing and wholeness. As you continue in this life, your inner light will be dimmed due to a loss. 
Loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of hope.
Through the journaling process, you will discover some of the beautiful benefits of self-reflection and exploration of your true feelings. You will unpack the meaning of some of the following questions that are often puzzle pieces of grief:
* Why did this happen?
*How do I live with this pain?
*How do I make sense of my new reality?
*How do I control my anger? 


The six-step "Aliyah" approach to healing will guide your work through this transformational self-love journey:
A- Allow yourself time to process your loss.
L-Listen to your feelings. They are important.
I- Invite positive thoughts. Show gratitude for the little things.
Y- Your words matter.
A- Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

H- Healing comes through finding HOPE (Honoring Our Purposeful Efforts) in our unique story.


Ways to Order 

For each book or complete series ordered, a portion of the proceeds will go towards

A Light of Hope Care packages for families with children at

Nationwide Children's Hospital or the Ronald McDonald House.

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Individual Orders: 

My website and Amazon.

Children's Book

Coloring Book


School Bulk Orders

(with purchase order): Contact Seneca at hello@risetogetheronline 

for more information.


Children's Book Prices

*Children's Book $12

* Activity Book $12

* Coloring Book $12

Book Bundle:

Aliyah Book Series $30


3 Children's books + Journal Bundle

Finding The Light Within Journal $20


Book Bundle:

3 children's books + Journal


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